Hi. My name’s Lucy.

After having my first son I thought I’d quit my high pressure job as Spa Manager and become a part time lecturer. I thought this would be great – set hours, school holidays and all my lessons would be planned for me, right? I mean it’s not as if nobody has taught beauty before. Surely I would be able to use lesson plans, activities and resources that others had used? Oh how wrong I was! Even though I loved (and still love!) teaching, I spent hours and hours creating resources often into the early hours. So much for set hours!

I decided to set up LearnTeachGrow for all beauty lecturers to help them spend less time on preparation and more time enjoying life.

On this website you will find activities which have LLN and Equality & Diversity built in where appropriate.

There are ideas on how to improve your teaching and a forum to give you an opportunity to ask others for an answer to any problem you have.

Have a question or suggestion for a resource? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me here